About Halverson Auto Body

In 1980 I started racing cars at The Wenatchee Valley Raceway. My first car was a 1960 SS Impala. I think I put close to $125 dollars into that car my first race. The good old days. As I started racing more the body work I would do to my car was starting to get noticed. After I painted one of my own race cars everyone wanted me to do their body work and viola my business was born. I opened Halverson Auto Body in 1986 and have been the sole proprietor ever since. For the first years all business was done from my shop at home. In 2000 I started renting what is now Enterprise Rent-A-Car and conducted business down in town but still did all the body work at my shop at home. A few years later I moved the whole business across the street to 1163 S. Wenatchee Ave and have been there ever since.

  Satisfaction is our top priority
  Professionalism is at the core of our business
  Quality counts, customer satisfaction guaranteed